Every human being is a unique and perfect universe conceived in the Creator´s mind.

To help people on their way to the discovery of self-knowledge, we founded our therapeutic center in 1990 as a place for complete therapy for body, soul and spirit.

Therapy has for us always been more than getting rid of symptoms and problems. Life for us is learning on our path of human development; crisis and illness are signposts on our way to salvation. Our therapies are geared to the spiritual aim of being healed.

The basis of our therapeutic work is the hermetic philosophy summarized in the following quote of Hermes Trimegistos: “Like above, so below.” In this brief but cogent summary, we see the amazing connection between the great order of creation and human life and thinking in this analogy is the foundation of our workshops and therapeutic work.

Nothing happens without purpose. Every event, every circumstance, has a meaning. Every form is animated by tenor and points out aims and tasks of our life. Discovering this is the purpose of our work.

We developed a profound therapy form, called Reincarnation Therapy in which one is able to become aware of his or her unconscious being and of his or her purpose of life, and done so in a short but intensive time, typically in one to four weeks. You will have two hours of therapy daily with time for deep reflection to conduct your own inner work for the balance of the time. We encourage you to read our therapy descriptions noted below.

We have six trained therapists on our staff, each having many years of extensive experience conducting this highly specialized work. We offer our therapies in German, English, French or Italian language.

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With best wishes for your path
Margit Dahlke


Margit Dahlke
Schornbach 22
84381 Johanniskirchen

Tel.   +49 (0)8564 819
Fax  +49 (0)8564 1429
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