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Psychotherapy needs retreat from daily demands of life and intentional time to produce self-reflection. This of course is made easier and deeper in environs of silence and retirement. The “Rottal”, the hilly landscape of Bavaria, one of the less settled and most forested landscapes of Germany is made just for this. Here there still exist the genuine rhythms of nature. The nights are still and dark like the wide forests. Here you can feel the female pole of reality much more than in the urban world.
We found out by our therapeutic experience that there is an absolute need to spend therapy time away from our usual environment. We also ask our patients to reduce their contact with family and work as much as possible because we know that as a rule family life and relationships become much more intense and deeper after such a time of renunciation.
We see in our nightly dreamworld that the soul´s world has its own rules of time and space. Our hectic daily world can´t be transferred into the realm of the soul. If you give time to your soul to come into your life and consciousness, it takes time to unfold.
This is why we know that a cycle of four consecutive weeks is more effective than two times two weeks. The descent into the world of the soul, into the realms of the shadow which is the fundamental aim of our reincarnation therapy needs time which can´t be shortened easily. Deviations might be necessary because of unavoidable causes but better to keep them to a minimum.

Here you can read about our various tools of therapy:

• Reincarnation Therapy
• Clinical Picture Therapy
• Astrological Symbol Therapy
• Partnership Therapy
• Family Pattern Therapy
• Therapy for the Adaptation to Birth Trauma
• Breath Therapy

Reincarnation Therapy

Within the world of psychotherapies, reincarnation therapy occupies an outstanding position, and varies significantly from the standard world of psychoanalysis, which was developed for the exploration of neurosis. The behavioural psychology, starting from its mechanistic view of life, wants to change behavior.
Reincarnation therapy aims at much more than a well-ordered daily life. By including the spiritual dimension and by connecting the ancient knowledge of the hermetic tradition with our current psychotherapeutic possibilities, reincarnation therapy initiates the beginning of a personal path of development leading to a life-long process of discovery and growth.
Working with incarnations is a helpful device to see today’s problems under a microscope. We never deal with the past as an isolated factor; it’s always connected with the present. We become conscious of the past only to look for and find our own patterns. Above all, we don’t search for causes in the past. Like the ancient teachings of wisdom and modern physics, we believe in synchronicity and a creation which is mirrored in all levels.
A focal point of our work is to stop the projections of responsibility for our own dark sides. This means nothing more than learning to love “the enemies” within. A therapeutic requirement therefore is to confront the shadow side of our life, to accept our dark side and to integrate all of this into our consciousness. The last aim is to take upon ourselves the absolute responsibility of our own destiny. By taking back the projections, we step into the centre of responsibility.
Nothing happens by chance. Shadow ( i.e. all that hinders us from our self-realization and all that we refuse to see  of ourselves ) can be more easily confronted when we see it at former time levels. From there we relate it to present time, to our life today.
Through long experience with these forms of therapy, we have discovered that it is best done in four weeks. Working with the shadow shouldn´t be interrupted, or the process will fail to go deep enough. Effective therapy takes time. This is why we offer therapy in blocks of one to four weeks.
We ask most of our clients to fast a few days because fasting opens the door of the soul and makes it easier for the soul to come to life. But this is not a must.
We also integrate breath therapy into our work once a week.

Clinical Picture Therapy

The medicine is inside yourself.
You don´t respect it.
Illness comes out of yourself.
You don´t notice it!

Hadrat Ali

Every illness, whether serious or not, is a signpost on our way and has meaning, giving us many reference points on our path to perfection as intended by the creator.
Based on our carefully worked out concept of interpretation it is possible to devote a shorter period of time to a clinical picture, maybe in one, two or three weeks. This doesn´t, however, replace a reincarnation therapy but gives opportunity to make progress with one´s symptom and find out its hidden learning potential.
To get to know how we see illness and its meaning we recommend the following books published in English:

• The Healing Power of Illness-the meaning of symptoms & how to interpret them by Thorwald Detlefsen and Ruediger Dahlke (Element Books 1990, Longmead, Shaftesbury, Dorset, 1996).
• Heart-Aches – Heart Disease and the Psychology of the Broken Heart by Ruediger Dahlke (Bluestar Communications Woodside, California).
Disease as the Language of the Soul by Ruediger Dahlke (Human Nature 1999).

Astrological Symbol Therapy

“Recognize yourself” was written above the entrance of the “Oracle of Delphi”. Today astrology again becomes one of the favourite aids to self-knowledge. In an exact way, the horoscope generates an insight into the learning tasks, the problems, the talents and the possibilities of life.
Based on the horoscope as the best map for the realm of the soul and with the help of techniques of our reincarnation therapy we can work out actual problems in a timeframe of one or two weeks.
The Greek verb “symballein” means “to throw together”. The symbol always represents the entirety of all components and therefore of totality. Logically it is suitable for advancing healing processes. Work with soul symbols can bring a clearer light to the darkness of unconscious situations.
This form of therapy is suitable for all conflicts which cause spiritual pressure and sufferings be it in a partnership or in professional or family life. Therefore we need an exact birth horoscope (please ask the registry office in the town where you were born for the exact time of your birth).

Partnership Therapy

“The meeting of two personalities is like a mixture of two different chemical bodies: as soon as the union happens, both are changed.”    

Problems, fears and longings which determine partnerships remain unchanged in time and culture. This fact is revealed in fairy-tales and myths which deal with the human development path in the form of partnerships.
At the beginning of a partnership, there is always the longing for endless happiness. But with time, problems emerge and we learn how complicated a partnership is, working at it daily, just like a daily psychotherapy. Crisis situations show up and need to be solved. The partner always shows us elements of our shadow, he/she represents dimensions of ourselves which lack in ourselves.
Our partnership therapy will help the patient to recognize the projections of his or her own soul on the partner, to realize one´s own and the partner´s relationship pattern and then find constructive ways out of crises and fixed conceptions. To (re-)find many helpful alternatives of love might be the greatest gift of this work. Then the partnership can again become what it is for all of us: one of the most intensive and most effective ways to heal.
This form of therapy is naturally most effective if both partners participate but can also be done alone.

Family Pattern Therapy

How thoroughly we are imprinted and determined by our origin or how free we are is an ancient question.
We aren´t born into a family by chance. Our soul looks for the best fertile soil which is necessary for its development. Though a tree is tightly anchored and deeply rooted in the soil where its seed first took root, yet it has grow towards heaven.
Personalities who lack the courage to leave their given family pattern stay in the world of a child. They do not “grow-up”. They remain dominated by their parents or the old.
But life continues to move on. The hero of the fairy-tale who starts his journey of development must go out into the world to find himself, before he can come home to enter upon his inheritance.
Native American Indians have an expressive picture of this theme. They believe that behind each of us stands a long row of ancestors who wait for healing through our help and development.
During the Family Pattern Therapy you become conscious about your individual family structures by using techniques of the reincarnation therapy and symbol therapy. We want you to find out why you chose these parents for your path of development.
Liberation to individuality comes when you are conscious about and live what was missed in your family system. The more and the deeper we see all these family themes the more fruitful and rich the fertile soil becomes out of  which we grew and in which we are rooted our whole life and yet from which we have to “out-grow”.

Breath Therapy

The work with the “connected breath” can also be a therapy of its own. The secret of breath is vital. The power and the strength of breath is immense. Breath is life. Without breath, there is death. Breath is a smooth and also powerful way which connects us with life, and has the ability to make us more alive.
Also in ancient knowledge breath was connected with spirit and soul. The breath technique we developed within the years of reincarnation therapy is based on an ancient Tibetan technique, called “the connected breath”.
During our psychotherapies we have breath sessions once a week. Through the process of breathing, it´s easier for us to gain our freedom and to move out to conquer new realms of consciousness. We do this in groups but it is also possible individually.

Therapy for the Adaptation to Birth Trauma

"Everything lies in the beginning!”

This has been known by all teachers of all cultures at all times. We all were exposed to life-threatening narrowness and intensive pain in the birth process. Realizing how we went through this ordeal and what traces this experience has left in our soul and in our “body memory” can free us from many fears and life patterns and can make us truly more alive.
The adaptation of one´s own birth trauma is highly recommended for future parents, mostly for future mothers who can, by solving their own birth trauma, enable their child to have an easier way into life.
This therapy should take at least 5 sessions (10 therapy hours), including one session of breath therapy.
You also have the possibility, then, to finish your therapy with an interpretation of your birth horoscope as it is the picture of the “spiritual grain of seed” which should be unfolded during your life.

Booking and Costs
The allocation of patient and therapist will be made according to astrological psychology. We therefore ask you to specify date, time and place of birth with your booking. This method has turned out to be expedient because it allows to consider adequate constellations. Thus the optimum of development potentialities  can be tapped. If possible, please send a digital photo, too.
All our therapies will be charged € 80,- per hour.
A deposit of € 100,- assures your booking.

There are many accommodation options in our environment, simple private rooms,  appartments, and hotels of all levels in the nearby spa Bad Birnbach. We will help you to book the room. The prices for rooms within 10-45 minutes walking distance are about 20-30 Euro per night. The breakfast which is included can be changed into tea supply. Some houses also offer soup for your fasting.



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